This word strange is the name of a complex techniques and an old European tradition of arranging the vegetation of green spaces. But let’s see how it works in the case of topiariei, where you practice and especially Why You, camels, Turntablism, balls, cubes and pyramids, but all alive and green shades. What have all these have in common? Are made from plants. Trimming shrubs technique (shrub) in various forms called topiary. From simple alignments as a hedge, the extensive compositions of abstract geometric forms combined in the same chip, the results of this technique depends on the imagination that just puts it into practice. Maintenance requires a great deal of work, but worth the effort


Modeling plant origins are lost in the mists of time. It seems that the Romans were the ones who released it. In the middle ages, Europe preserves tradition in castles and gardens in monasteries, then this meeting a tremendous success in the Italian and French Renaissance era. England will take the technique in the 18th century and 19th century. Nowadays, geometric shapes aligned or classic volumes have been carried further, passing from all imaginable to racing cars, motorcycles or golfers. Modernity has to reign in this form of landscape art, so it’s no wonder that the symbols or pictures are taken.

The artificially modelled forms, you can use a wide variety of species, this puppy, for example, being dressed with Ficus Repens.

The simplest animal forms can be achieved through classical Topiary method, Buxusul is an easily molded material and not so expensive as Taxus.


The classic technique is a plant with trimming scissors special shape being supported without stabilizing elements. Basically, by the way of arranging various shrubs, intrebuintandu the minimum tools, special forms which result give life gardens. A kind of living statues, from plants, which are always surprising. The species most often used for this purpose are Buxus Sempervirens, Taxus Baccata. More recently he has invented a new technique for Topiary, which is not just trimming inspired vegetation. A frame is made of thick wire on the desired shape, which is filled with a variety of edgings. The surface dressing then form with plants or seedlings, climbing the same clipped periodically to keep the desired shape. Although it is not authentic, the Topiary ironwork can be done in shorter time and maybe even with a greater ease in modeling. In addition, allows the realization of larger size ensembles and their location in different areas is not only conducive to the development of spaces of various species of shrubs or plants.


Pay attention especially to figurines like bunnies, hearts and other jams, because they approach the kitschului area. Do not be misled by the wave when you decide to ambientati garden with Topiary shapes. Looking for the original and you will capture the essence of this method of beauty of green spaces. In order to understand fully what is a work of reference in genre Topiary, it is better to take an eye to Levens Hall gardens (England) or Chateaux Villandry of France. Whatever they say, and Topiary assemblies are irresistible. Always green, being made mostly of species with persistent foliage, attract attention and print rejoicing.

A fantasy world is located at Levens Hall in England, country large Topiary gardens.


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