Plantations for sale


The concept has taken life in the year 2009, at the same time with the increasing demands for Silva Group Romania Franchise.

A number of people have expressed their intention to direct and harness the lands, which were no longer subject to speculate, in the field of forestry. It was found on this occasion and the potential that it has this kind of business.

Silva Group Romania comes to help small and large businesses with complex solutions for the development of plantations of trees or ornamental plants. From seeds to specialized training for maintenance, more efficient plants and fertilization.

In the West the term “Ready Made” for this type of plantations, and profitability is beginning to be noted starting with the 4th year of existence. In Romania, due to its fertile soil, it was noted that the profitability begins to appear since 2.

Silva Group Romania offers advanced solutions and turnkey offering Plantation trees already raised, between the ages of 5 and 10 years. Taking into account the rate of increase in prices and the orientation of more and more accentuated by this area, we can say that the profit of a turnkey Advanced Plantations can reach 100% within 3 years.

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