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Landscape architecture is the art of planning, to design, to maintain, to persevere and to rehabilitate the green space construction and design made by man. The purpose of the profession include architectural design, site planning, development of space around the House, environmental protection, urban planning (g.u.p.-urbanustic general plan), urban design, planning, parks and recreation areas, regional planning, urban spaces and historic preservation. A pracitcian in the field of landscape architecture is called a landscape architect.

History of architecture scenery Scenery is in the history of architecture closely related to the history of guiding towards, but not as wide. Both arts are concerned with planting composition, shape, space, water, paving and other structures but: -garden design deals specifically with private enclosed spaces (parks, Garden etc)-architectural design deals with the enclosed spaces, but also deals with open spaces that are open to the public (square, Park, countryside parks, green spaces, etc). The Romans took up landscape architecture on an extensive scale, and Vitruvius wrote about this topic which affects and now peisagistii. As in the other arts, was “revived” in the Renaissance period, with outstanding examples including spaces for recreation of the Villa d’Este, Tivoli. Renaissance gardens were developed in the 16th century and the 17th century, reaching the superlative grandeur, in the works of André le Nôtre complemented at Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles. In the 18th century, England became the highlight in the new style of architecture and Scenery. Maket as William Kent, Humphry Repton, and more with seamafaimosul Lancelot ‘ Capability ‘ Brown remodeled the great parks in England, to resemble clean and tidy version of nature. Many of these parks, remained till nowadays. The term “landscape architecture” was used for the first time by the Scotsman Gilbert Laing Meason in the title of his book “landscape architecture of the great Painters of Italy (London, 1828). This included the type of architecture found in the landscapes of peaks. The term “landscape architecture” was picked up by JC Loudon and AJ Downing. Of course the 19th-century urban planning has become increasingly important, and it was the combination of modern and traditional gardening planning, what gave Ahitecturii unique concentration of Scenery. In the second part of the century, Frederick Law Olmsted completed a series of parks which continue to be a major influence on the Architectural scenery of practitioners today. These include New York’s Central Park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and parks system called Emerald Necklace in Boston. Landscape architecture continues to develop as the discipline of aesthetics, and various aesthetic movements raspins and arhiteturade throughout the 20th century. Today, it continues to create an innovation, to provide competitive aesthetic solutions for green spaces along the roads, parks and gardens. Aesthetic works of Martha Schwartz in the US and in Europe as the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam and the Dutch design group West 8, are just two examples. Ian McHarg is considered an important influence in the modern landscape architecture and planning services. With the help of the book “Design with Nature”, has conducted a review of each system portions of a site for the understanding compiled qualitative attributes of space. This system became the Foundation of the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) McHarg had to give a qualitative aspect with this technique as well: the history of science, hydrology, topography. GIS Software with Ubiquity in landscape architecture, analysis of material at the soil surface, similar in urban planning, geography, forestry, etc. (source you!) Silva Group Romania develop all its projects with the help of staff of Exterior Design and a landscape architect.

All projects are based on a full 3D project, on the computer, using the latest and ground-breaking programs dedicated to this area.

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