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Silva Group Romania will provide staff with experience in cleaning the snow: - sidewalks - paths - parking - Ramps Garage - Platforms.   Our teams of snow removal act promptly removing snow manually or mechanically, shaping or blade, in the shortest time from emergency arises. Operating range of the service is both in Bucharest and Ilfov sector range.

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Dezapezire manuala

Silva Group va pune la dispozitie o echipa de oameni pregatiti pentru dezapezire in acest sezon

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Dezapezire mecanizata cu freze

Metoda potrivita pentru alei, trotuare, curti, spatii inguste unde accesul este limitat

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Dezapezire mecanizata cu lama

Este recomandata pentru parcari, zone rezidentiale si drumuri publice

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Dezapezire mecanizata cu freza mare

Cea mai eficienta, rapida si complexa metoda de dezapezire pentru spatii mari si medii

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