Ornamental Plants

This area is very sensitive for Romania, because the buyer’s typology of ornamental plants is typical of the Occidental. Plant in Romania-lover craves after Nice and not only after the design and architecture, but for diversity. This branch of the forestry industry is growing from year to year.

Currently, Silva Group Romania delivered in permanent regimen trees and Ornamentals for local authorities and residential construction company, contributing actively to the growth of green areas in Romania.

On average, a customer interested in purchasing ornamental plants at least once a month 2 or a decorative tree, either for home or garden. Customer preferences, in terms of this branch, are turning to exotic plants and a variety of more and more abundance of unique quick-growing species (Oak, Sequoia, Albizia Julibrisin, eucalyptus, etc).

Silva Group Romania has delivered over the last 5 years and plant ornamental trees that could fly without problems hundreds of hectares of land.

Note the Romania as a country in the developing world, from the point of view of green spaces, hence it is expected that in the next 10 years the demand to exceed supply.

‘ The store ‘, a project of the Silva Group Romania is already listed in the preferences of visitors, to either purchase the plants or trees, from the comfort of their home, without having to waste time or simply information. He can be reached at www.MagazinulDePlante.ro .

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