Fir and other tree types

Christmas trees and ornamental trees (with or without root)

Silva Group Romania has specialized over the years in the import, distribution and recently producing of Nordman type Trees (Abies Nordmanniana). It also has enhanced capabilities for the distribution of species of rare Trees found in Romania. We can mention: Noble Firs (Abies Nobilis), Silver Spruces Fat Albert and Fastigiata, Blue Spruces (Hoopsi), but renumitii and White Fir (Abies Concolor).

Our company cooperates with the largest manufacturers of conifers in Europe and owns an impressive database with species of trees that you can sell both wholesale and retail.

According to the principles of managing the European market, Silva Group Romania has been aligned to the standards required, and guarantees the quality and origin of products marketed.

Pines used by our company may have different destinations, from the tree (cutting) classic for Christmas, up to the root of the trees supporting the key plantatilor of small or large sizes.

An impressive percentage of 60% is the root of the Trees, Extra quality, which Silva Group ii Romania distributes every year. In this way led to the creation of a positive image of our country and its citizens prefer in a number of increasingly large trees with root.

Landscape projects that have as main elements Pines, materialized lately in our clients ‘ gardens, leading in some cases to the development of ambitious projects that require the replacement of the fence with these eternal conifers.

To learn more about the tree, generally as a species and origins you can visit THIS article.


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