Our target are the final beneficiaries of the Christmas tree, I mean people, so our needs goes to urban communities, exceeding 50,000 inhabitants, as of 2012, with the beginning of the exploitation of the new plantations, will assist us and smaller settlements. (Saha)

Besides selling Christmas trees, machinery and related consumables, Silva Group Romania coming in support of partners with a comprehensive package of services for business development.

Starting with the 2009 season, in order to meet market requirements and the insistence of our partners, the Silva Group launches franchise Romania. As a holder of a contract of fraciza, you have the following advantages:

-membership of a unitary system, sure, (the franchise) and developing a profitable business, even in a severe economic and financial conditions that we know;

-ensuring business success through quality-price ratio offered buyers

-the ability to move the franchise from one location to another or from one municipality to another, depending on the opportunities of sale;

-entry in the franchise system requires no previous experience in selling Christmas items.

-Silva Group Romania provides a wide range of Christmas trees in terms of variety and quality categories, as well as a wide range of products and related services.

-Technical Assistance, specialized in arranging working points, as well as your personnel training for handling equipment made available.

-Invitations to specialized trainings for managers, seminars and international conferences.

-The amenities we offer our partners are:

a wooden cabins (200/300 cm or 300/400cm)

a metal fence panels for fencing, mobile point of sale (200/350cm/PCs) with the fastening elements and stabilisation,

an electric cutter for cutting accurate round the trunk of the tree of mounting to the support (Ø4cm, Ø8cm, Ø6cm, etc.),

an electric car trunk for screw fastening in hard wood,

a packed in net Ø34cm, Ø45cm, Ø25cm.

-Promotion: advertising through dedicated partners, Antena 1 and Kanal D, as well as through other media channels,

the banners, promotional materials (posters, flyer, etc), sandwich panels,

an online promotion on sites.

a promotional materials: t-shirts, jackets, capes, gloves, boots, caps, pens, lighters, agendas, calendars, etc.

-You will receive at least an article intended for sale, Christmas promotional (ex: Abies Nordmanianna 1,5-2, 5 m, promotional sale price: 69,99 USD)

-All articles are tagged with: Silva Group Romania logo, product name, use and care instructions, bar code.

-Free Transportation of the products in the best conditions, up to your point.

For partners who are interested in this business, but I don’t have a thing for storing and selling Christmas trees, SGR can obtain some rental contracts for such locations.

For Christmas trees with root and ornamental plants, the SGR is the only company that offers lifetime warranty one year from delivery.

Conditions for obtaining a franchise are:

Eligible partners are companies from the urban area, with locations in cities of over 50,000 inhabitants.

Franchise partner is obligated to comply with the legislation in force concerning the disposal of Christmas trees.

Silva Group Romania will verify compliance with the standards of price and quality of service required by the contract and we will support your partner in building and business development.