Silva Group Romania has developed in the last year an excellent franchise system for all people who want to enter the field of selling Christmas trees and ornamental plate. The benefits of partners from at least 10% profit and can reach in some cases and up to 200%.

The franchise is not the only system promoted by the Silva Group Romania on the Romanian market.

In 2010 we have launched the “partnership CO.”, i.e. supply and demand Partnership which, unlike franchise, brings something unique on the Romanian market: Interactivity. We will present below details about this system in Question and Answer format.

“Partnership CO”

Q: who should attend?
A: Any natural or legal person with minimal potential forest *, logistics services, landscaping, Topiary etc.

Q: how much it cost me to get into this system?
A: Zero lei. The system is free and focuses primarily on dipozitia and in good faith to sellers and buyers.

Q: what documents are required?
A: filling out a Web form that will be subsequently validated by signature or stamp.

Q: who is the seller? Who is the buyer?
A: the seller is the trader who owns a stock of goods, a logistics competence, technical skills for Interior and exterior design, Topiary etc. These products and services will be listed by the Silva Group Romania official website,, or for commercial purposes. And the Buyer is the one who is purchasing the products or services listed for Silva Group Romania official sites.

Q: How does the system work?
A: If you are a supplier of products or services and you already have a stock of goods or a service on which we believe that we can harness them you just need to send us Your quote and we’ll promote through all possible means to achieve the trade itself. If you are a buyer/consumer of goods or services which you just have to visit our website regularly for updated vacancies.

For more details about the Partnership CO. “please contact us via email or phone.

* Forest Potential is represented by the possibility of an economic operator to provide forest products.